NEVA Kardasova Recica CZ REMAX 500 CNC band saw

REMAX 500 CNC band saw is equipped for cutting logs, laminated blocks or boards from 60 to 500 mm, for thick louvers. The feeding mechanism of sawed elements is constituted by rubber conveyor with smooth feed regulation and pneumatically regulated clamping system. The minimal length of the material is a standard dimension of 600 mm or 300 mm with the use of special equipment. The minimal thickness of received louvers isn’t restricted; however the last louver has a minimum thickness of 2 mm, and .a cut louver/board may have a max of 20 mm. The band saw is designed in such a way that it can be used as a part of a technological line and the board may be cut into further louvers. The control of the whole system is managed by the control panel of the first mother-saw.

The accuracy of cutting is dependent on the type and condition of wood and its width, and varies in range between 0,2 ÷ 0,3 mm. This level is guaranteed by the saw band hydraulic tension system and its permanent control by the control system. The band saw can operate on dry and wet wood.

Technical dataUnitREMAX 500 CNC
Max. cut width mm 500
Cut height mm 2 ÷ 150
Max. thickness of cut board mm 20
Min. length of cut element mm 600 (300)
Applied stellite blades mm 6170x60÷90x0,9; 1,0; 1,3; 1,5
Belt conveyor length mm 2000
Belt wheel diameter mm ø 1000x80
Number of upper/lower feed reels - 12 / 4
Smooth feed regulation range m/min 5 ÷ 60
Applied engines power kW 15 (22)
Machine dimensions length mm 2300
width mm 2800
height mm 2348 (2448)
Max. machine weight kg 4000

Equipment of offered machines:

  • a TOUCH SCREEN control panel
  • stellite band saws - 4 pcs.
  • input and output reel tables of length1500 mm

Order completion time

An average of 8-10 weeks from the day, the contract is signed. After signing the contract, the DTR part which allows for preparation of the machine assembly post is transferred.


The seller, supported by the manufacturer, "NEVA" s. r.o. Kardasova Recice issues an 18 month warranty, by the single shift operation, or a 9 month warranty for double or triple shift operation, starting from the day, the machine is delivered to the client’s facility. The essential condition to the aforementioned is that the machine is to be started by the seller’s service.

Assembly and operation

An additional order is required, concerning starting. production and technical service training.


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