KINEMATIC EGER HU laminate press machine

KINEMATIC EGER HU laminate press machine The press machine is designed for square timber lamination and other straight construction materials.

The application of glue on one of the sides of the longitudinal joint material takes place on the glue dispenser roller. From here, the material is transported on a reel conveyor to the press table. After manual adjustment of the position, clamping beams must be shifted to the right place, where the pneumatic pressing is carried out. After clamping, the pressing of the ready element. The initiation of pressing is conducted through the initiation of an arm valve.

The machine frame comprises a massive, cross construction of the press. The clamping beams on reels can be shifted to any position. The hydraulic system includes a single pump, a hydraulic battery and a multi-circuit. There is a possibility to extend the length of the machine with the use of another hydraulic supply unit. The hydraulic supply unit is energy-saving; the decrement of oil on seals can be supplemented from the hydraulic battery unit. In the case of multiple machines, it is possible to feed a machine while another one is operating. Having one machine, it is possible to collect groupings every third clamping units /approx. 1m/. Due to this fact, the machine can execute many tasks simultaneously.

Technical dataUnitPBWE
Usable surface length m 3; 4,5; 6
width mm 1,3
possible cross-section mm 20x80; 40x220
Distance of pressing units from each other mm 500
Table angle to the vertical º 8
Pressing force per unit t 4,5; 5,6
Cycle period min 30
Glue application - automatic
Pressing - pneumatic
Power consumption kW 2,5
Build in space demand m 3

Equipment of offered machines:

  • glue dispensing device
  • side supports with pneumatic clamping (amount dependable on module)

Order completion time

An average of 8-10 weeks from the day, the contract is signed. After signing of the contract, the DTR part is transferred, which allows the preparation of the machine assembly post.


The seller, supported by the manufacturer, KINEMATIC, Eger, Hungary, issues a 12 month warranty, by the single shift operation, or a 6 month warranty for double or triple shift operation, starting from the day, the machine is delivered to the client’s facility. The essential condition to the aforementioned is that the machine is to be started by the seller’s service.

Assembly and operation

An additional order is required, concerning starting, production and technical service training.


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