TOS SVITAVY CZ multi rip saws

The multi rip saws have been used broadly due to the range of saw shaft drive engines and technical parameters. Double shaft models PWR 402, PWR 412 and PWR 422 will effectively substitute for a frame sawing machine. The most popular models PWR 201, PWR 301 (321), PWR 401 (421) perfectly meets the needs of small and big sawmills, the largest manufacturers, gardening element manufacturers, as well as carpenter’s workshops. Versions, which include moving saw bushings allow for effective processing of deciduous wood with longitudinal optimization.

The fully equipped models have all transposable mechanisms controlled electrically. The smooth feed regulation is ensured by a frequency converter, which enables the subordination of feed and saw shaft drive engine load. The use of laser line increases material efficiency, when the non-trimmed cutting material is fed manually. The anti-recoil latch system and cockpit cover, prevent recoiling and eliminate accident hazards effectively.

Centre devices are used in order to automate the material feed of the rip saw. It enables businesses to increase processing efficiency and a decrease labour.

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