STÖRI MANTEL CZ panel ripsaws

Panel ripsaws are designed for cutting valuable materials, and allow for optimal longitudinal division of slats, logs and large format material, such as: wooden panels, plywood. The construction of the machine is based on a heavy, stiff frame, accurately positioned t-square and transposition saw aggregate, which returns to the initial position after cutting.

There’s an optionally mounted pneumatic upper pressure. The choice of the cut dimensions can be selected with the use of three available systems:

  • absolute ABS settings – automatic movement to any chosen width
  • repeatable POWT settings – automatic movement for the given dimension
  • optimizing OPTY program – automatic width settings and its combinations are pre-selected (with max. output from the board of given width)

Smoothly regulated feed of saw aggregate in a 1 ÷ 80 m/min range ensures maximal efficiency. The following are sample machine times, which enable an efficiency evaluation:

  • for boards up to l = 3200 mm – cutting saw cycle - 10 s
  • board manipulation time approx. 5 s.

Regulation of saw protrusion on the table allows a clear cutting surface.

Technical dataUnitFLS 170FLS 120 ECO
Cutting height range mm 0 ÷ 170 0 ÷ 120 (160)
Cutting width mm 450 ÷ 3000 420 (450)
Workpiece length mm 2200 ÷ 9200 (every 1000 mm) and 16200 2200 ÷ 6200 (every 1000 mm)
Saw aggregate feed regulation m/min 1 ÷ 80 1 ÷ 60
Motor output kW 11 or 15 11 or 15
Machine length mm Length of cutted material + 1800 Length of cutted material + 1800
Machine width mm 1200 1200
Worktop height mm 850 ± 50 850 ± 50

Operational functions of FLS 170 panel ripsaw

Equipment of offered machines:

  • Saw blade shaft motor
  • Touch screen
  • Workpiece blockade
  • PROLock – saw blade quick assembly
  • Laser line designating the track of cutting

Order completion time

An average of 8-10 weeks after the contract is signed. After signing the contract, the DTR part is transferred to enable the preparation of machine assembly.


The seller, supported by the manufacturer, STÖRI MANTEL CR, issues a 12 month warranty, by the single shift operation, or a 6 month warranty for double or triple shift operation, starting from the day, the machine is delivered to the client’s facility. The essential condition to the aforementioned is that machine is to be started by the seller’s service.

Assembly and operation

An additional order is required concerning starting, production and technical service training.


We’ve been cooperating with the manufacturer since 1991.

Warranty and post-warranty service is supplied by:
Dobroszyce, ul. Trzebnicka 20
tel. (071) 314 12 11, fax (071) 314 15 60
mobile: 0 502 373-355, 0 502 322-238
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Price is given upon receiving a purchase inquiry.

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